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Simple Shapes Game Collab Guide

Posted by ThePhenomenon - December 22nd, 2010

Simple Shapes Game Collab is a hard skill game where you have to complete four mini games. It has five medals worth a total of 425 points (check them in the game page). Instructions are found in-game. The game features drug dealing and profanity. Just saying :)

Square Defense
Score 750 for the medal, that is, destroy 750 enemies. Learn how many bullets each enemy takes to be destroyed and shoot only that amount. Immediately move on to the next enemy once the necessary bullets were shot. Do not wait until they hit the target to move on. Never stop shooting. The author has a video here.

Dafali's puzzle
Solve the puzzle in 36 moves or less within the given time to obtain the medal. Here is a big image with the solution (done by me). Follow the steps from left to right. Video is not available.

iamgrimreaper's game
Get $50000 to achieve the medal. Buy and sell the same amount, it is easier to manage. You can only get caught in the moment a new day begins. The chances of being caught are proportional to the number of grams you have. You can get away with a fairly large number of grams says the author. Buy when the price is low (300s or less) and sell in the next day if the price is higher.

Space shooter
Score 2500 points to get the medal. A video with the author achieving the medal can be found here. The best thing you can do is to copy the video. Watch the video several times to learn the strategy. Even if you defeat the enemy you will not get the medal. You need 2500 points and for that you need to be fast. The cannons (yellow rectangles) can get hit. What cannot get hit is the purple circle in the middle. Use this to your advantage. Always shoot.

Practicing is advised to get all medals. The one I did not mention can be obtained by choosing the option 'PLAY ALL' in the menu and going trough all games (you will have to lose some in order to move on).

Feedback is welcome. If you have anything to add please say.

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Comments (2)

Sadly, you can't just copy the gameplay video for Space Shooter because the enemy moves and fires randomly. I may go after that one at some point, but I'm likely to leave the Square Defense one alone forever just because of how much grind is involved. I also question the legitimacy of the video, as he's lost no health at the beginning of it and actually loses his health pretty quickly after the video starts.

Random movement shouldn't be that much of a problem. The enemy only moves up and down. Red bullets are probably not random but hard to understand. Lasers and blue bullets are shot every once in a while, the amount of time between each is always the same, not random. Blue bullets are shot to wherever you are. Knowing this, in the video the author places himself where he wants the blue bullets to go and then dodges them.

The game is hard and it's not worth trying to get the medals, but I'm just trying to point out those that want to do so in the right direction. I may just get them one day :)

Thanks for the comment.

Merry Christmas!

Okay. The same.